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Braces, Six-Month Smile in Perry, GA

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Adults looking to straighten their teeth can now get the smile they always wanted- in just six months- through a cosmetic-braces system available at Braswell Family Dentistry

We offer the Six Months Smiles System, designed specifically for adults who have crooked, crowded, or spaced teeth.

The technique offers a tremendous advantage over traditional metal braces

  • Unlike ugly traditional braces people must wear for two to four years, this procedure straightens teeth in an average of just six months and is more comfortable
  • The Six Months Smiles System is cosmetically designed – making them virtually invisible
  • The procedure is faster and require fewer dentist visits and is typically less expensive than traditional braces

In addition, the Six Months Smiles System can result in healthier gums, since straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth. Braces no longer have to strike fear among adults who want straight teeth. They can now get the radiant smile they’ve always dreamed of, without waiting for years.

What Exactly are Six Month Smiles?

Essentially, they’re orthodontic braces that are specifically developed to correct various bite issues in approximately six months. This orthodontic treatment is more hygienic because of its short treatment time, meaning that there are fewer chances of debris getting stuck or accumulating on the braces and teeth, meaning that there is a reduced risk of bacteria and plaque buildup. In addition, Six Month Smiles utilize comfortable, tooth-colored, and clear materials that are virtually unnoticeable.

How Six Month Smiles Work

This revolutionary orthodontic procedure may be an excellent option for individuals aged 16 years and older that have gapped or crooked teeth. However, your dentist in Perry, GA, will need to assess your issues first to determine your eligibility for 6 Month Smiles.

That said, expect to see and feel noticeable changes as early as the first month of treatment. Throughout the first five months, your dentist will make adjustments to your braces to ensure predictable and quick results. During this time, you will experience dramatic changes to your smile.

At the six-month mark, your dentist will remove your braces. Do note though that depending on the severity of your issues, your dentist may recommend wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment or extend the treatment time by a month or two to ensure the best possible results.

Will Six Month Smiles Work For Me?

Many adults are ideal candidates for this procedure, particularly those with intrusions, extrusions, tipping, or rotations. Six Month Smiles can likewise correct spacing issues, diastemas, overbites, overlapping teeth, crowding, open bites, reverse smile lines, and canted midlines.

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